Tasting menu

Everyone at the table must order the Tasting Menu – cost of drinks excluded
coperto: 4 € – comprende selezione di pane fatto in casa, entrée di benvenuto, tovagliato e olio

5 Course Tasting Menu

  • ‘Amuse bouche’
  • Seafood and shellfish salad with a celery and ginger mayonnaise
  • ‘Chitarrina’ spaghetti in a rosé seafood sauce
  • Fillet of Sea Bass in a potato crust, olives and cherry tomatoes
  • Soft liquorice ‘Semi freddo’ with a cacao crumble

42 €

7 Course Tasting Menu

  • ‘Amuse bouche’
  • Tuna tartar on a fennel and orange foam
  • Red mullet, savoy cabbage and pecorino
  • Slice of amberjack on a potato and mustard fondant
  • Potato dumplings (gnocchi) with cep mushrooms, prawns and cuttlefish
  • Fillet of turbot with cream of pumpkin, potato dauphinoise and pistachio crumble
  • ‘It’s not a Tiramisu’

52 €

The menu

House starter (selection of raw, boiled and hot dishes)

38 €

Mixed boiled and hot antipasto

32 €

Tuna tartar with crispy celery and anchovy sauce

15 €

Cannolo with amberjack tartar and celery with a red fruit coulis

15 €

Crudo Royale (3 dishes of uncooked shellfish, carpaccio and tartar)

30 €


4 (pz)

Seafood salad with a carrot and ginger mayonnaise

15 €

Fillet of amberjack mustard fondant, polenta wafer and fermented black garlic

15 €

Boiled starters

15 €

Warm starters

15 €

Scampi cocktail

15 €

First Course
Risotto with shelled scampi flambéed with centerba (minimum 2 portions)

15 €

Large spaghetti ‘verrigni’ with sole and seabass roe

15 €

Gnocchi (Potato dumplings) with cep mushrooms, prawns and cuttlefish

15 €

Thin spaghetti ‘chitarra’ in a rosé seafood sauce

15 €

Spaghettoro ‘verrigni’ with squid, prawns and clams

15 €

Cappellacci pasta filled with burrata cheese, scampi and a julienne of courgette

15 €

Rigatoni with shelled lobster

15 €

Second Course

Fillet of turbot in a potato crust with olives and cherry tomatoes

20 €

Fillet of seabass in ‘acqua pazza’

18 €

Fish stew with sole, scampi and squid

18 €

Baked monkfish with potatoes and olives


Squid and grilled prawns

18 €

Mixed fish from the barbeque


Boiled scampi with cognac


Sea Bass in a salt crust


Deep fried squid and prawns (minimum 2 people)

35 €

Pistacchio Namelaka (creamy mousse)

8 €

Liquorice ‘semifreddo’ (frozen mousse) with cacao crumble and salted caramel

7 €

‘It’s not a Tiramisu’

7 €

Panna cotta with goat yoghurt and red fruits

7 €

Eatable basket with vanilla and forest fruit ice cream

7 €

Lemon sorbet

5 €

Chocolate cake


let our dining room staff advise you on the choice of the best liqueur or distillate to accompany your dessert

The fish that is intended to be eaten raw or practically raw has undergone a decontamination treatment conforming with EU Regulation 853/2004.

We would ask customers to let your server know of any allergies or food intolerance.